Phone Home Dressed Candle

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Phone Home Dressed Candles are crafted and geared to open communication with the spirit world and beyond. Whether your spiritual guides, Angels, or Ancestors this candle will bring communication with the spiritual world and beyond. Communication comes in all forms, numbers, animal totems, messages through ppl, dreams and more! These candles are fixed with herbs that open up spiritual communication and attracting angel, spirit guides and family. 


**Candle magic harnesses the element of fire to bring about change and action. Since human's first discovered fire, we have been in amazement by its power.These Dressed Prayer candles are crafted with clear intentions, specialty herbs, and focused imagery to aid in manifesting your goal. The form of alchemy can be performed by anyone of any spiritual background and candle magic is seen in all spiritual and culture customs. Each candle is made to order to ensure authenticity of our magic.