What is candle magic?

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Dressed Candle Magic

A 7-day Candle is a complete ritual. It contains all elements. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.Fire is an element that adds action. Action is needed for change, movement and flow. We have Candles for all of your spell needs. This dressed fixed candles are charged with herbs, essential oils, and crystals. 

Imagery is a powerful tool that is important in all manifesting practices. The pictures selected on our candles are guaranteed to aid in getting you the results you desire. 

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Scheduling a Reading

Oracle Sessions. Astrology Chart Readings, Transit Readings, Abundance Readings, Akashic Records, Indigo Readings, Love Readings and more.


Witches&Company was created in dedication to all of my teachers and spiritual guides that have added to my witchy ways. Adding together crafts such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Colorogy, Herbology, Quantum Imagery to create tools that will help you succeed in your goals. Rather a spell for love, abundance, or gateways we have a candle that is guaranteed to fit your manifesting needs. 

Our Potions are specially crafted and contain more than 33 elements. The are known for their powerful scent and their swift action taking. Instructions and tips are included.

We are always updating our new store with our uniquely crafted potions, candles, sage bundles and complete box kit. Sign Up to be the first to now when we restock.

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